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Philmont 2011 Flyer

Philmont 2011 Flyer

Additional Scout-O-Rama Info

Good evening,

Saturday, November 7th is Scout-O-Rama at Tempe Kiwanis Park.  We have been having multiple practices of our booth theme of ‘Fire-by-Friction’, which culminated in many fires at yesterday’s final Halloween morning practice.  A number of the boys are adept both at causing and teaching fire starting – we will once again have one of the most unique and popular booths at the event.

The boys have begun doing patrol posters and signing up for shifts in the booth on Saturday.  We would ask that each boy take a 2 hour shift to host at the booth and/or demonstrate the techniques with visitors outside the booth.  Our kind friends with connections at Council helped us obtain the primo spot at S-O-R for our fire starting – SouthEast #1 right behind third base on the SouthEast baseball field.  Alex D. is coordinating with the patrol leaders to get each of the shifts staffed.  Last year, we needed upwards of 5-6 boys during the prime shifts due to the interest other scouts had in trying to learn the skills.

Additionally, we would be grateful for adult leader support during the event.  If we have enough boy coverage, it will be mostly providing support, and ensuring that the equipment stays functional (making more bird’s nest material, fixing bows, etc).  However, during the busiest times last year, some of us found ourselves assisting cub scouts and boy scouts in fire making.  If you could take a 2 hour shift some time during the day, it would be much appreciated.

Mr. Finnegan, Mr. Dahlmann and myself will be there with our boys early to set up tents, easels and tables, and to arrange the materials.  The first shift should get going by 10AM, and the shifts will continue until about 4PM.  This is one of the most amazing scout events of the year – please don’t miss it.

I’ll have specifics in handouts on Tuesday night.  I’ll put more details on the website later in the week.  Thanks for your support of Scouting.

Mr. Cole

PLC Member Website Posting Instructions

Boy Scout Website Posting Instructions contains instructions for PLC members to post to the website, as well as instructions for Senior PLC members to make changes to the troop calendar. If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Bennett.

Thank you!

Recharter Info

Scouts, Leaders and Parents,

As I mentioned on my latest web-site post, re-charter season is upon us.  The cost is $ 100.00.  That will include your Scout registration, Boy’s life magazine and Scout Insurance.  If you are a member of the OA, then please add an additional $ 10.00.  We will pay those annual dues for you.  As a registered Adult leader your annual dues are going to be $ 15.00.

Please bring the attachment and your check to the Troop meeting as soon as possible.

Thank you……..Mr. Martin

Ryan L Eagle Project Flyer

Ryan L Eagle Project Flyer

PLC Meeting Plan Form

As discussed during the PLC Retreat, the Meeting Plan Form has been posed on the website under Documents. It is a PDF form, which means all the fields will accept typing. When the form is complete for your meeting, please email it to Mr. Bennett to be posted in the calendar section of the website. Thank you.

Meeting Notice

Tomorrow night’s regularly scheduled weekly meeting (June 9) will take place at the church.  We will NOT be moving it to the McFetters’ house, but will be conducting the entire meeting at the church.  Sorry for any confusion.

Call or email Mr. McFetters if you have any questions.


West Clear Creek Backpacking


Meet at the church Friday May 15 at 5:30. We don’t need to load anything from the trailer- so we will leave promptly.

Please remember permission slip (new one is under documents on the website)
and $10 gas money. We will stop for dinner on the way up- please bring $5 for food.

This is a backpacking trip- please remember to bring your own food and water. If you have a backpacking camp stove, feel free to bring it. We will have enough to use- so please do not buy one for this trip.

Bring good boots- plenty of socks and a swimsuit. We will wear class A unifroms when driving and class B uniforms on the trail. Remember a hat, sunscreen and bug repellent. It’s going to be warm- so be prepared.

Any questions- call K. Lara or Mr. Dahlmann

Pancacke Breakfast Flyer

The Pancacke Breakfast Flyer has been reposted in better quality. Please print out more and pass them out!

Order of the Arrow

Order of the Arrow will be visiting on Tuesday for an election.  You must be first class and have 15 days of camping within the past 2 years (including 6 consecutive days) to apply. The ballot must be prepared prior to Tuesday’s meeting, so please contact Ryan L. ASAP if you meet the above requirements and are interested.

In addition, any current OA members should bring their sash to the meeting.