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Fingerprinting Merit Badge Class


Reminder that Mr. Conrad will be leading the Fingerprinting MB class this Tuesday, April 1st during the regular troop meeting at Blessed Sacrament.  All scouts are welcome to attend.  You’ll need to have reviewed the Merit Badge book and have the Fingerprinting MB workbook with you on Tuesday (  As Mr. Conrad mentioned on Tuesday, this is one of the few merit badges that can be accomplished in one session so please take advantage of this opportunity!


Mr. Turner

Alex D. Eagle COH



A reminder that Alex’s Eagle Court of Honor will take place this Saturday, March 29th at 3 pm at his home.  With the school’s permission parking  is available at Sequoya Elementary School (the west side of 64th Street just south of Cactus) with signage to the home.  Please RSVP to Alex ([email protected]) so they can get a headcount for the refreshments served afterwards.


As with previous Eagle COH’s a good turnout is a must to honor this fine young man as he is recognized for this accomplishment and his scouting achievements.   Please contact me with any questions.


See you Saturday!!


Mr. Turner

Richard Y. Eagle COH


See you at Richard’s COH tomorrow (Sunday), March 16 at 4 pm at La Casa de Christian Lutheran Church at 63rd Street & Bell Road.

Scouts need to wear their Class A uniforms.


Mr. Turner

Five days till the Eagle

As posted on the Troop calendar, this is a friendly reminder that Richard’s Eagle COH takes place this SUNDAY, March 16th, at 4 pm.  We expect to see all scouts there in their Class A uniforms to support this fine young man as he is recognized for his accomplishment.


Mr. Turner

7 days – 2 Eagle Projects

Hello T648,


What a great week for Troop 648!  Last Sunday we had a fantastic turnout for Kyle M’s Eagle Project at Miracle League of Arizona.  And this morning the threat of rain couldn’t stop this great group of scouts and adults from doing the same for Michael H. at the Rio Salado Habitat Restoration Area.


Two very different projects that show the diversity of our Troop.  Kyle’s project being an outreach and education effort around the wonderful service provided by MLAZ by giving all kids an opportunity to play baseball on a  special-purpose field.   Adults, scouts, visitors and even some of the MLAZ athletes were there to take some swings at the ball, run the bases and have a hot dog or two!  I heard more than one person say that they would be back to MLAZ as a volunteer now that they understand more about this great program (

Michael’s project was centered around habitat restoration in South Central Phoenix just west of Sky Harbor.  While we didn’t see any beavers (not very active during the day), their felled trees were all around the lower pond.  Michael H. oversaw the installation of 100 foot of split-rail fence and 3 foot of wire fencing to keep the wide-tailed vandals from getting at the cottonwoods around the upper pond.  One hard rain right before lunch didn’t stop the fencing effort with things wrapping up at 2 pm.  Hard to believe there are beautiful wetlands right in the middle of our most dense urban area off of South Central Ave (


Hats off to all of you who continue to support the Troop as your very own make progress toward their Eagle rank and a job well done by Kyle and Michael!

Mr. Turner

Michael H. Eagle Project on Saturday

Below is a message from Michael H. regarding his Eagle Project building a beaver fence at the Rio Salado Habitat Restoration Area (put 2439 S. Central into your phone for directions).   Please contact Mr. Turner via email if you need a ride from Blessed Sacrament and I’ll coordinate with the adult leaders to ensure we have transportation.  Let’s have another good showing from T648 as we support Michael on his Eagle Project in this worthy cause of habitat restoration!



On Saturday morning I am planning on having the scouts meet at the project area at 8:30 AM on Saturday. The address is 2439 S Central Ave, and we will not be bringing any cars down into the area except for the one carrying wood. This means everyone must park in the parking lot, luckily it is not that far away. I have attached a photo map (see below) that shows where our main base would be, the only way to get to it is through the side road that starts in the parking lot. Be sure to bring a canteen since we will have refillable water jugs and not disposable water bottles, a rain coat, gloves, boots and sunscreen. Also if you can bring any post hole diggers, spades, or shovels. (It might rain but we can tough that out).
Michael H.


Winter Court of Honor


The COH will be held at Blessed Sacrament tomorrow night starting at 6:30 PM.  The scouts will be leading most the ceremony so come out tomorrow night as we hand out merit badges and recognize those who’ve earned rank advancement since the Summer COH.  Note that this is just the COH and we are not doing a pot luck or brown bag.


See you tomorrow night!


Mr. Turner

A fine day for an Eagle Project!

Good morning T648,


Just a reminder that Kyle M.’s Eagle Project will take place today from 11 – 3 at the Miracle League of Arizona baseball field.   Come directly to MLAZ at 11130 E. Cholla in Scottsdale (just west of the Via Linda / Frank Lloyd Wright intersection) in Class B uniforms, a hat and some sun block.  This is a outreach / informational Eagle Project to increase awareness about MLAZ and their purpose as well as to recruit more volunteers (aka buddies). Come one come all and let’s put out a good showing for a wonderful cause and one of our own today.


Thanks and see you soon!


Mr. Turner

scout o rama tickets

T648 Ticket Sellers,


Mr. Jeorling has asked that everyone who has taken out tickets be prepared to turn in their proceeds and unsold tickets to him tomorrow at the Troop meeting.  Scout O Rama takes place on February 22 and we want to make sure that you receive credit for your sales.



Mr. Turner

Kyle M. Eagle Project…. mark your calendar


A number of our 17 year scouts are wrapping up in a fast and furious manner as they complete the requirements for Eagle Rank.  With one down this year so far and three more on the near horizon it is my pleasure to announce that Kyle M.’s Eagle Project, which is scheduled for February 23rd from 11 am to 3 pm.  Kyle’s project is a community awareness event that will be held at the Miracle League of Arizona baseball field, which is located at 11130 East Cholla Street in Scottsdale (near the intersection of Frank Lloyd Wright and Via Linda Blvd).


The Miracle League of Arizona ( is a non-profit organization in North Scottsdale, dedicated to providing a safe, successful and enjoyable baseball experience for children, teens and adults with disabilities or special health care needs.  MLAZ uses an adaptive baseball environment in an accessible stadium in which barriers are removed that would normally keep individuals off the baseball field.  Athletes are placed in a League based upon their age and skill level.  They are matched with a “buddy” who is a one-on-one friend and helper.  Games are success oriented and athletes are encouraged to do as much as they can on their own with the buddies there to assist with the rest.  The impressive facility has a custom designed rubberized turf to allow easy maneuverability for wheelchairs and other devices and a long list of other additions to accommodate the players.


With that as a bit of background I strongly encourage you to come out and learn more about MLAZ and use this opportunity to spread the word to those you may know who have an athlete who might be interested or a buddy who could assist.  Those of us who are “buddies” will be in our yellow shirts and available to answer questions.   Please contact Kyle with any questions and hope to see you on the 23rd at 11 am to take in a couple of hot dogs and learn a thing or two about this great organization!


Mr. Turner