Happy Birthday

I would like to extend birthday wishes this week to Patrick Huston, Chandler Durrant and Josh Grisa.

I would like to thank all of you who made the effort to participate in our Cub Scout Pack drive.  I wish that the outcome would have been successful.  But, as Mr. Butler mentioned, “you can’t drag them in the door”.  It would appear that the community around the church simply has no interest in the Cub Scout program.   In order to achieve our recruiting goals in the future it is important that we reach out to the Cub Scout Packs in the outlying communities.

Good luck on your Scout-O-Rama ticket sales this weekend.  A number of you have been very successful.  Please don’t forget to pick up a flyer and sign-up for the back packing trip to Horton Springs at the end of the month.  The flyers and sign-up for Lost Dutchman are also available on meeting nights.

God bless from rainy North Carolina………….Mr. Martin