2008 Popcorn Sales for Troop 648 – Turn in October 28

Yes, it is time for POPCORN SALES for those who would like to participate.  Please start taking your popcorn orders now.  Checks are to be made out to Troop 648.  Trails End Popcorn has no added diacetyl and most products have 0g trans fat.  Scouts earn 31% of their sales and if they opt for not receiving one of the prizes they can earn an additional 3% making popcorn sales 34%.  Funds will be added to your personal scout account.  Order forms, prize selections and money is due on or before October 28. Popcorn delivery will be before Thanksgiving, sometime around November 14th.  We will let you know when as soon as we hear.  For the top popcorn seller in Troop 648 there will be a bonus of $20 added to your scout account.  Order forms and money envelopes have been handed out at the Troop meetings.  If you need additional forms, or have questions please contact Mrs. Martin

Note; If you are in NJ Troop 9 refer to Mr. Butler for your earned percentages.