Ski outing this weekend

Greetings from Washington D.C.

Happy Birthday wishes this week go to Joseph Economides and Richard Yu.  Happy birthday boys.

I would like to wish everyone attending the ski outing this weekend a fun and safe weekend.  Thanks to all the adults participating in the event.

The Court of Honor is next Tuesday evening at 7:00.  Please contact Mrs. Lara to coordinate the snack food item list.  I would like to also remind you that the first payment for Summer Camp is due that evening.  It is recarter time once again and I am asking that you bring your payment in on Tuesday evening for that as well.  As a reminder the cost for a boy to recharder is $ 100.00.  If you are in the Order of the Arrow it is an additional  $ 20.00.  Adult leader fee is  $10.00.  So please show up with your check book.  Thank you for doing so.

Take care and God Bless…….Mr. Martin