High Adventure !!

Good evening from the East coast.

I would first like to thank Mr. Finnegan, Mr. McFetters and Mr. Williams for leading the canoe trip this past week.  After speaking with them yesterday afternoon it sounds as though it was mission accomplished’ for a High Adventure outing.  It was a challenging trip that required all adutls and Scouts to pull together and work as a team.  I recall a story that Mr. Stults relayed to me, that occured before I joined the troop.  On a similar outing; ” if it were not for the Scouts,  it would have been very, very challenging.”  So, congratulations to those of you who participated.  Great Job!

We are gearing up for Summer Camp and I look forward to a productive season.  Please stay focused an I will see you soon.

Thanks and God Bless……..Mr. Martin