Scout-O-Rama results

Scout-O-Rama was a fantastic event for T648 – I hope you were able to be a part of it!  We had 30 scouts and adult leaders who spent at least a portion of their Saturday training cubs and other Boy Scouts in the fine art of fire-by-friction, keeping us with a supply of enough materials, or providing moral support.  Special thanks to the younger Dahlmann and Finnegan and their fathers for their leadership in addition to spending the vast majority of the day onsite.  Extra special thanks to Mr Stults, who spent countless hours perfecting the Fire-by-Friction techniques and materials we employ, such that we could be trained to be trainers in this very difficult scout skill.  As I mentioned on Tuesday night, we are the proud recipients of 5 out of the 5 ribbons that we were eligible to receive as a booth, and thanks to Mrs Lara, we also have both participant patches to be handed out at our next Court of Honor to all those who attended.  I am tremendously blessed to be a part of this troop, and it is when we all pull together and succeed as a team that I am proudest of our troop.  Saturday was a complete success.  Congratulations, and well done!

Mr. Cole