Outing Stuff!

Hell’s Hole Backpack Trip

This will be a challenging, fun hike. The trailhead is at the Reynold’s Creek Campground south of Young. We will hike 5 miles each way, with approximately a 1000 foot elevation change. The area can get overgrown, so some bushwhacking may be necessary.

Plan on being at the church at 5:00 this Friday for this outing. We are doing this one a little different than others. We will bring pizzas Friday afternoon. As we are doing pack inspections and waiting for everyone to arrive, we will eat. We will not be stopping for dinner on the way to the trailhead. If you plan on attending, make sure you are signed up on Tuesday. We will only be buying enough pizza for those who sign up.

I anticipate the cost to be $20-$25 per head- this includes Friday’s pizza dinner. Once we get a firm headcount I will verify this number.

Hikers: Everyone is in charge of their own food. Bring 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches and 1 dinner + water.

Other recommended items: Sunscreen and a hat- see the backpacking list on the website for other items that would be useful. It will be chilly at night, so bring your good sleeping bags. The creeks are running, so a light pair of “water” shoes and lots of socks will be helpful. It is unlikely that wet socks will dry while we are there. If you have a light day pack, you may want to bring it also. Once we set up camp we can go exploring.

Drivers: Please make sure your tank is full before we leave. Map-quest says this is a 3 hour drive, and we won’t be passing too many gas stations on the way.