PLC Tuesday

Dear Scouts, Leaders and Parents,

Due to the outstanding meeting that was held at REI last Tuesday, we will hold the monthly PLC  this Tuesday.  The class was informative and well attended.

I would like to ask parents to please step into the meeting room on Tuesday evening.  Rather than pick up your son in the parking lot I would ask that you step into the meeting room for closing remarks.  I have something very important to address and I would like the parents to hear it as well.

We have two important items occurring on the 23rd and 24th of this month.  There will be an abbreviated outing on Friday the 23rd.  Mr. Andrews is planning a short backpacking trip on the Cave Creek Trail in the Seven Springs area.  It will be a Friday departure with an early Saturday return.  Later that Saturday is Ryan Lara’s Eagle Court of Honor.  Please plan to attend this event.  See you Tuesday.

Take care and God Bless…….Mr. Martin