Pathfinding – Historic Merit Badge Cont.

For those who came to last weeks meeting, I will be available 30 Minutes before the troop meeting on Tuesday the 25th.  At this time, everyone who went to the last meeting, needs to bring a blue card and any requirements they still need to complete.  Many of the scouts still need to complete requirement #6.  Below I have the requirements and also a link to the merit badge worksheet if anyone wants to look at them or, those who went to fill it out at home, lost the worksheet and needs another.

Merit Badge Worksheet –

To obtain a merit badge for Pathfinding, a Scout must:

1.      In the country, know every lane, bypath, and short cut for a distance of at least two miles in every direction around the local scout headquarters; or in a city, have a general knowledge of the district within a three-mile radius of the local scout headquarters, so as to be able to guide people at any time, by day or by night.

2.      Know the population of the five principal neighboring towns, their general direction from his scout headquarters, and be able to give strangers correct directions how to reach them.

3.      If in the country, know in a two mile radius, the approximate number of horses, cattle, sheep, and pigs owned on the five neighboring farms; or, in a town, know, in a half-mile radius, the location of livery stables, garages and blacksmith shops.

4.      Know the location of the nearest meat markets, bakeries, groceries, and drug stores.

5.      Know the location of the the nearest police station, hospital, doctor, fire alarm, fire hydrant, telegraph and telephone offices, and railroad stations.

6.      Know something of the history of his place; and know the location of its principal public buildings, such as the town or city hall, post-office, schools and churches.

7.      Submit a map not necessarily drawn by himself upon which he personally has indicated as much as possible of the above information.

Anyone who will be going to Camp Geronimo,

These merit badges will be offered at camp.  At the moment Nature lodge will be doing Tracking, Handicraft and Commissioners will work on Carpentry, Pathfinding and Signaling are currently not under any area but, Outdoor Skills will most likely be obtaining these merit badges as afternoon classes along with Geocaching.

See you all there,