Summer Camp Packing List

Hello Everyone. Because summer camp is coming up fast I thought I would put up a small packing list for all of new boys who have never been before.

So here it is:

-Full Class A Uniform(Class A Shirt, Pants or shorts, belt, troop hat and neckerchief. Scout socks as well with shorts)

-Class B shirts(bring more than one), extra scout pants, enough socks to last a week, underwear

-Swimming Trunks, towel, wash cloth, sunscreen(enough to last a week), shower supplies(shampoo, soap, etc), flip flops/sandals

-Cot(pad if you don’t have a cot), Sleeping bag, pillow

-Small backpack, notepad, pens or pencils, water bottle and your scout book(many rank requirements can be earned at camp)

-Personal First Aid Kit, Hygiene kit(toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, etc), rain gear, flashlight

-Good walking or hiking shoes. Its a good idea to bring two pairs of shoes

-Spending money

-Any supplies needed for merit badges

The following items are NOT allowed at camp: Electronic devices, including cell phones, radio/tape/CD/MP3 payers, water balloons or launchers, sling shots or wrist rockets, fireworks, sheath knives, weapons, two-way radios, skateboards/roller blades

This is a basic list of the essentials, to make sure you get everything you need though, check the backpacker’s checklist located under the documents section above.

Thanks and see you Saturday at 7:30(AM)