Happy Labor Day!

I hope that you are having a terrific weekend, and especially enjoying this extra day to recharge your batteries for the fall stretch run at school.  Please remember today to thank those who labor to make your life as wonderful as it is!

I would like to thank all the boys who received acknowledgement last Tuesday night for their labors.  This summer has been a time of growth for the troop – in skills, size and maturity.  We have new leaders in place to take us through the upcoming year, and that boy leadership is what the troop is all about.  We have had a ton of fun at summer camp, at the PLC retreat, at the National Jamboree, in leadership classes or teaching opportunities.  But an amazing amout of work has been accomplished, and what a wonderful way to look at tangible evidence through the advancement and badges awarded last week.  Thank you to Father Pat for his presence with us, and his words of encouragement.  Many thanks as well to the efforts put in by young Mr. Finnegan, Mr. Martin, Mr. Benyi, Mr. McFetters, and Mr. Butler for the program, and for the committee in coordinating the delicious pot luck dinner.  I truly appreciate your support of our gifts for Mr. Martin and Mr. Benyi – we are grateful to those fine gentlemen for the 6+ years of leadership they provided as back-to-back Scoutmasters.  Mr. Butler is certainly a Scoutmaster-trainer extrodinairre, but it is clear that their hearts have been deeply immersed in the role, which has contributed to the strength and character of the boys in this troop during those years.  I look forward to our troop’s ability to continue leveraging the talents of all three of these uniquely talented gentlemen going forward, as well as the continued breadth of support from the 43+ other active parents and adult leaders.  T648 is indeed blessed.

I very much look forward to the upcoming year of work, play and growth with the newly appointed boy leaders, and with your sons.  Tomorrow we have PLC at 6PM, and the troop meeting at 7PM.  For PLC, the boy leaders will be planning primarily for the October meetings.  Come prepared with your ideas to discuss the theme of Technology (computers/geocaching/bike technology) leading up to our bike outing at Granite Basin.

Happy trails!