Washington Park

What a wonderful weekend experiencing the Andrews’s hospitality in their Washington Park cabin neighborhood.  Two days of picking wild blackberries, jumping in an East Verde River swimming hole, a six mile hike to the train tunnel, fire safety with the Whispering Pines fire chief, 53 degree mornings, patrol compass course competitions, knot tying extravaganzas, and the most amazing 5 course dutch oven charcoal dinner ever – topped off by massive New York strip steaks served up to the top sales boys from the Pancake breakfast by our own chef, Mr. Parizek.  Two blown tires on the troop trailer couldn’t even begin to take the silver lining off the fantastic weekend – what boys don’t enjoy killing a couple of hours hanging out in WalMart?!  It’ll be hard to top in our October outing at Granite Basin, but we’ll certainly give it a try!

We’ll see you all tomorrow night for the troop meeting.  Don’t forget to bring your rope, look up an adult leader and get one of the new knots you learned signed off!  And if you haven’t yet, please sign up for the service opportunity on October 2nd.

Happy trails!