Granite Basin & PLC

Good evening,

It is sounding like an excellent opportunity for camping, adventure and advancement this weekend!  The bikes checked out on Tuesday night, so the bike outing to Granite Basin will be outstanding.  For those of you without bikes, there will also be geocaching, and tremendous opportunities to get advancement skills signed off by the 12 adult leaders who will be attending the outing.  I have it on good authority that there will be map and compass, lashings and wood tools for starters.  Please meet at the church at 5:30PM this Friday, per Mr. Kuhl.  Remember layers and a stocking cap – it’ll be brisk!

PLC will be at 6PM next Tuesday and on 12/7, but will be held outside both dates due to a youth room conflict until 6:30 PM.  We’ll thus also have opening ceremonies and the beginning of the troop meeting outside as well.  Please plan accordingly.

Happy trails – all the way to Granite Basin!  

Mr. Cole