December 7th Update

Good morning,

It sounds like the second round of rifle qualifying with Mr. Norling at Ben Avery went very well this past weekend.  It is extremely important to be exposed to gun safety concepts at a young age, but to then combine that with the fun and pride I witnessed from the boys in their achievements – what a wonderful opportunity for our troop!  Many thanks to the Norling family for their training efforts, and to all the youth and adults who took part.

A reminder of on-going opportunities for December.  Tonight is PLC, and Mikey has asked that it begin 1/2 hour early at 5:30.  There is much to plan – the Search & Rescue outing this month on the 17th, next month’s Webelos weekend and meeting preparations, and the Team in Training service project.  Hopefully many of you are taking part in the gift wrapping opportunities, as well as donating for and planning to attend this coming weekend’s garage sale.  These are opportunities to raise $$ for your scout accounts to defray the cost to your parents for such things as the upcoming ski outing or July’s summer camp in California.

While we scramble to accomplish all that seems to overwhelm us during the holiday season, I would like everyone to take a moment this week to send some positive thoughts Shawn and Ty’s way.  We are blessed with two young, accomplished leaders of our troop who will be sitting for their Eagle Boards of Review this week.  They are well prepared, and our best wishes from the entire troop go with them as they reach for and attain the highest rank in scouting.

Happy trails!

Mr. Cole