T648 News

Good evening T648!

There was a whole bunch of dead-eye, crack-shot shooting last Sunday at Ben Avery.  Some of the brand new scouts were showing their elders how it is done!  I trust that the rest of you who signed up for Mr. Norling’s classes this coming Sunday will give him thanks for the terrific opportunity of learning the proper way to use a .22, and then being able to demonstrate all you have learned.

Tuesday night was spent preparing for this month’s Search & Rescue base camp outing.  We ran through a scenario, and it was great to imagine what it will look like the weekend of the 17th when the youth go through the process with real subjects to discover and retrieve from the outback.  We had over 30 scouts in attendance – hopefully many of them will be able to join us on the outing.

This coming Saturday we can begin bringing items to the McFetters’ house for the troop garage sale.  The sale will be held the weekend of the 10th, so also plan on participating that weekend during the garage sale itself.  Money raised will benefit the boys’ scout accounts for those who participate through contributing items and helping to sell.  The address and phone number for the McFetters family is under password on the troop website bsatroop648.org.  Please contact me if you need the password. 

Don’t forget to contact Mr. Traynor, if you have a used bike to donate to charity through Pack 40.

What a fabulous season it is to be a scout!

Mr. Cole