Reminder Time!

Good evening T648!

Many thanks to all of you who helped to successfully kick off the Lenten season fish fries this past Friday night.  I had mutiple compliments on the excellent work, and helpful scouts – and the flag pin sellers topped $100 in sales as well, providing excellent competition at the front door for the girl scouts cookie table.

It is a busy time in T648.  Tomorrow night at 6PM Mr. Butler is providing help for anyone needing Tenderfoot level first aid training.  Meet at the  trrop meeting room an hour before the troop meeting.  During the troop meeting tomorrow night, please make sure you obtain answers to any remaining questions you may have about the family camp in the Catalina mountains from 3/18-3/20.  It is an opportunity for you to camp and cook with your own family, provide a side dish to share at the BBQ Saturday night, and observe your son in action – I have a feeling a significant amount of training and advancement will take place this weekend, in between hikes and other events.  We also have ScoutORama coming up 4/8.  This is an all-day scouting skills event in the southern part of the valley attended by packs and troops from all over the council.  We will participate by manning a tent all day, and our theme will be ‘Fire by Friction’.  Your son will have an opportunity to learn this rare scout skill over the course of the next few weeks in preparation for this terrific event.  The final thing (other than continuing to stump for summer camp!) that I will bring to your attention is the pancake breakfast & silent auction fundraiser on 4/30.  Plan on having your son sell tickets to the breakfast, collect silent auction items, and work the event from 6-10:30AM that morning.  This traditionally has been our most successful fundraiser, and is an excellent way for you to defray summer camp costs.

We’ve got family camp, backpacking and Fort Tuthill archery coming up this spring.  800 people had to be rescued from their cars during a blizzard this past weekend in North Dakota.  Let’s all be thankful we live in Arizona, and get out and enjoy our wonderful state!

Mr. Cole