Supermoon camping

What a marvelous weekend for a T648 family campout!  Under a supermoon which was closer to the earth and brighter than any time in the past 18 yeaars, troop grandparents, parents, siblings, friends and scouts met to renew friendships, make new friends, hike, swim in the mountain pools, grill, share marvelous potluck creations, perform advancements, shiver, shower, and generally have an awesome time.  Many thanks to Mr Yu and Mr Martin for putting together an outstanding weekend, and for Mr Patton who came down on Saturday to teach Toten Chip to new scouts.  While not as many families as anticipated could participate due to spring break and other family commitments, those 40-50 of us who did attend were universally pleased with the fun, food, and fellowship (despite the Vassar College track team late night hijinks in the adjacent group camp site).  Many thanks as well for the great turnout back in Phoenix at the fish fry by those who were unable to camp with us.  The excellent coverage was unusual for family camp week, and very much appreciated.

Tomorrow is our weekly troop meeting, and we also have Mr Chadwick’s Arrow of Light crossover and our 3rd fish fry / flag pin sale opportunity this week.  Upcoming events include a planned shed painting the 2nd of April and Scout-O-Rama on the 9th.  Our troop’s booth theme for this Arizona-wide scouting event at Tempe Kiwanis Park is fire-by-friction, so please plan to come to upcoming troop meetings to ensure that you learn (or refresh) the techniques needed to perform this very cool, but very difficult scout skill of starting a fire with a bow, spindle and birds’s nest. 

Happy Trails!  

Mr Cole