Citizenship in the Nation MB

The next meeting for Citizenship in Nation merit badge is Tuesday, April 26, at 6:15 at picnic tables at church.  Each candidate should be prepared to complete the follow requirements. 

# 3. Prepare 2-4 paragraphs about the city or town council meeting, etc you attended and give to Mr. Clapp for revew.

# 5. Prepare 2-4 paragraphs about the movie you selected to watch on government functions and give to Mr. Clapp for review

# 7. Have selected a charitable organization for your 8 hour service project.

# 8. Make an oral presentation about important and unique aspects of your community

If you are successful in completing your oral presentation on Tuesday evening, then this will be the last formal meeting together.  It is then your responsibility to get with Mr. Clapp to complete the rest of the requirements.