May Outing info

We have reserved Ft Tut Hill Group site B’ for our archery base camp.  The Flagstaff Archers will not charge us for the use of their range (free stuff!)

Gas money……..$ 20.00  (With the price of gas these out of town trips will be costly)

Park fee…………$   8.00  (20 to 25 total attending, for adults and Scouts)

There is a Safeway and Walmart just down the road.  Just a suggestion.  We may want to simply carry Breakfast up to camp and send a crew with a list for groceries  first thing. Saturday morning.  Rather than haul all the chow and ice from Scottsdale.

So….$ 28.00 plus the cost of food.  Still, not bad for a weekend of fun.

Fort Tuthill County Park Campground.

Meet at the Church at 5:00 Friday, May 13th

Depart at 5:30 Friday

Cost–$28.00 + food

Return, at the church @ 12.00 noon Sunday, May 15th

Dress for the weekend: Temps–34 degrees at night and 65 degrees mid day.  So forget the warm valley weather and dress appropriately.