Arrows in the Pines

Good morning,

Many thanks to the 20 scouts and the additional adult leaders attending this past weekend’s base camp at Ft Tuthill in northern Arizona.  The weather was fantastic – 36 degree mornings – and the archery spectacular.  The scouts, under the able direction of drill sergeant Traynor, worked on international archery technique during the morning, and then engaged in target and hunting trail competitions the remainder of the day.  It was terrific to watch the boys’ skills at 30 feet develop in such a short time of instruction and practice.  And then we had the opportunity to meet and observe an Eagle Scout from Flagstaff consistently hit the bulls eye from 3/4 of the length of a football field.  Amazing stuff!  We’ll need more troop guides and patrol leaders to attend the June canoe outing, however, so plan your calendars now for June 10-12.

With the end of school upon us, we still have many additional T648 opportunities approaching.  Tomorrow night at 6PM, Mr. Butler will work on tenderfoot requirements at the picnic tables by the youth room with all new boys looking to continue to progress in their initial scout skills.  We have T. Zahnow’s Eagle Court of Honor this coming Saturday at 2:30 PM at Desert Springs Bible Church on north Tatum.  Over the Memorial Day weekend, K. Lara is organizing our participation in the flag planting on the 28th at the veteren’s cemetery, which if you are not aware, is an amazing service project in which volunteers such as us plant flags on 45,000+ graves of our servicemen and women in northern Phoenix.  We also have additional flag pin fundraising opportunities on Memorial Day Saturday and Sunday, for those of you still looking to pad your scout funds for summer camp.  E. Lara and Mrs. Norling are the keepers of that schedule.  And Mr. Butler’s trip to the zoo on June 4th is on – stay tuned for further details on this fun opportunity to get some 2nd class advancement on native animal identification, while checking out our world class zoo with your parent or family.

Thanks as always to the adult leaders and parents who through their many efforts enable our troop to provide quality opportunities and events for our young men.  And thanks to our boy leaders who execute those events on the troop’s behalf.  It is a great time to be a scout in T648!     

Mr. Cole