Apache Lake Outing

Hello all,

Tomorrow, June 10th we will depart the Blessed Sacrament church at 5:30 for Apache Lake, so please arrive around 5:00. Make sure that all the patrol members know who is buying their patrols food and how much it will cost. Gas is twenty dollars. Also, be sure to know what to bring for a canoe outing (swim suit, swim shoes, towel, sunscreen, dry clothes, etc). Also, there are no campfires allowed at the lake so if your meal involves a campfire you need to adjust accordingly. If you are signed up and know you are not going to be able to go on the outing, call me immediately. Be sure you know who you are tenting with, too. Also, it would be very helpful if all scouts would print out and sign the permission slip from the troop website. If you have any questions, call me at 480-596-9964- or 480-335-6600.


Matthew McFetters