Two weeks and counting!

Good morning!

Thanks to the 39 of you who participated in our backpacking and equipment meeting at REI last week.  Hopefully it gives you some additional ideas on how to pack, what the essentials might be, and some ways to get more out of a hike.  Remember that it is not always how much you spend on backpacking, it is the preparation that goes into what you take that helps make it a more enjoyable and successful outing.

I hope you are out enjoying the cool morning, seeing as how it is only going to be 116 degrees today.  Makes one more than ready for a trip to summer camp in southern California, doesn’t it?  Only two more troop meetings until we head to Camp Mataguay!  Start thinking about what you will want to pack for a week at summer camp.  Do you have your merit badge books, and have you begun to look through them?  Cross reference the prerequisites in the note last month from Mr. Benyi.  Do you have your health form completed, or an appointment with your doctor scheduled?  Mr. Benyi will be sending out one of his famed planning emails shortly to help you and your parents with final planning.  I’m looking forward to a marvelous week of adventure!  And speaking of adventure – it is less than a month before almost a dozen of our older scouts will be heading out for the adventure to end all adventures – a ten day backpacking trip through Philmont Scout Camp in New Mexico.  Wow!

Don’t forget Tenderfoot training tomorrow at 6PM at the church, ahead of the troop meeting.  I look forward to seeing you there…

Mr. Cole