Philmont Begins, Orienteering on deck

Good morning T648

What a week it will be!  Our intrepid adventurers, 9 scouts and their adult leaders, have left for their amazing 10 day backpacking expedition through Philmont Scout Camp.  I have a few pictures as they readied themselves for the trip from Mrs. McFetters, and will send those along in an email.  In other news, we finally had a more typical monsoon storm with less haboob and more lightning and rain last night.  And tomorrow night, you all will have an opportunity to orient yourselves from one side of the Blessed Sacrament property to the other in an orienteering exercise led by S. Frank and the few remaining members of our Patrol Leadership Council who are not at Philmont.  If you are in possession of a compass, tomorrow night would be the night to bring it to the troop meeting!

See you tomorrow night at 7PM…

Mr. Cole