Back to school blues

Good morning,

For those of you already bored with back-to-school routines, come check out what we’ve got going over the next few weeks!  This coming weekend is the Patrol Leadership Council (PLC) annual retreat.  Those of you who have been invited to the three day, two night planning session at a local resort have received an invitation from Mr. Benyi.  Those of you who have not yet received an invitation this year, your opportunities are two-fold.  Please provide feedback to your patrol leadership on outings that you would like to attend in 2011-2012, and they will represent your interests at this fun but very productive session.  Secondly, continue working diligently on your advancements, and in the coming years, you will find yourself representing your patrols at future planning sessions.  New youth leadership and patrol structures will be announced following this weekend’s planning, in addition to a comprehensive troop calendar for the upcoming 12 months.

At the next couple of meetings we will be preparing for the Fossil Springs backpacking outing.  Bring any questions you might have on equipment, clothing, food, water, etc. as we ready the troop for a weekend of hiking and swimming in the woods.  Mr. Frank indicated we already had 25 signups as of last week, so this will be one of our biggest backpacking trips ever.  We’ll need a good number of adult participants this month to ensure we have the right number of seats.  Looking ahead, please put Mr. Frank’s 9/10 Eagle Project on your calendar.  This event ties very nicely to our nation’s focus on community service the weekend of 9/11, and is an excellent way to give back to our troop, our community, and our country in this time of reflection on the horrific but galvanizing events 10 years ago.

There will also be tenderfoot and second class scout skills training this week at 6PM ahead of the troop meeting.  We will have a court of honor and potluck scheduled within the next 6 weeks – this is an opportune time to be finalizing new ranks.  See you tomorrow night!

Mr. Cole