Philmont triumphant!

Good evening T648!

Welcome back to our intrepid trekkers who conquered Philmont and rolled back into Phoenix earlier this evening.  This once in a lifetime experience has already had a profound effect on their lives, and as they pause to process and reflect, will continue to have impacts for years to come. From close encounters with bears, pushing through pain, weather, and dried food, reaching summits, dining with deer, and completing an amazing 10 day high altitude backpacking tour, our scouts and scouters return with nothing more serious than a sore ankle or two, and justifiable pride and happiness in their accomplishments.  We look forward to hearing more first hand on Tuesday.

This week we have PLC Tuesday night at 6PM, with a parallel scout skills Tenderfoot / 2nd Class session with Mr. Butler also at 6PM, followed by the troop meeting at 7PM.  We will have an assistant scoutmaster leader meeting at a site to be named on August 15th (Marie Callender’s has closed 🙁 ).  Now with school starting back up, our calendar will again be filling up as well.  Those of you older scouts should look for an invitation to our leadership planning session to be held at Scottsdale Conference Resort the weekend of August 19-21.  Patrol leaders and up will be developing the roadmap we will follow for the upcoming 12 months.  The following weekend we will have an outstanding opportunity to revisit Fossil Springs north of Payson in a moderate backpacking outing with warm, clear creek water and an 8 foot deep swimming hole. Be looking ahead for Mr. Frank’s Eagle Project in early September as well – another terrific construction opportunity for a very worthy charity.

We look forward to seeing many of you who have been out of the valley for extended periods during the summer.  We will have
outstanding events coming up being planned by your boy leadership for this outstanding troop.  It’s a great time to be a scout in T648!

Mr. Cole