The Attack of the Invasive Species

Good morning!

It was a dark and glorious morning as the scouts went driving, driving, driving toward their sworn objective – the eradication of the dreaded invasive species.  Young Mr. Finnegan had developed a masterful plan, and the execution went off flawlessly.  By the end of the engagement, there were legions of dead and dying quarry bagged up and left on the shoulders of a couple miles of county road, and new life in the form of wildflower seeds had been sprinkled where once buffalo grass and star thistle had thrived.  Congratulations on a unique Eagle project well conceived, and performed with great enthusiasm and swinging of pick-axes by a team of 30-something from T648.

We are back to having a full dance calendar in the troop, it feels like if you blink you might miss something!  Here is the slate of dates on the near horizon:

  • January 31st  – first payment of $100 due for summer camp (July 7th – 14th)
  • January 31st – the beginning of Mr. Clapp’s Citizenship merit badge class for 1st Class scouts
  • February  3-5th – Ski trip to Sunrise
  • February 7th – Patrol Leader Council for February at 6PM
  • February 7th – Committee & parent meeting (agenda includes summer camp, fundraising & troop finances) at 7PM.
  • February 11th – Double Eagle Court of Honor – Mr. Andrews / Mr. Frank – 10AM
  • February 13th – Adult Leader / Assistant Scoutmaster meeting – 7PM
  • February 14th – Have you hugged your mom and/or dad today?
  • February 21st or 28th – Winter Court of Honor reschedule – 7PM
  • February 24th – Fish Fry service project at Blessed Sacrament begins – 4:30PM

And finally, I would like to provide an update on the Honor Patrol.  Everyone is still in the running, with the spread only 10 points between first and last place!  Keep participating – every troop event counts, and keep wearing your complete uniform , and bring your books to the troop meetings for inspection.  The current standings have the Wolves in first, followed by the Phoenix, the Pirates, the No Name, and the Royals patrols.  Who will follow the Royals from 2011 as this year’s Honor Patrol, and be the recipients of a trip to Disneyland this coming fall?

See you at tomorrow’s troop meeting!

Mr. Cole