Troop Doin’s

Good day!

As I said Saturday morning, it doesn’t get any better than this!  We had 75+ of our troop family gather to fete two of the most recent of T648’s Eagle scouts, Mr. Andrews and Mr. Frank.  There was pomp, there was circumstance, and there was some of the best stand-up comedy seen in this troop in many years as the boys were alternatively honored and roasted on this momentous occasion marking their individual achievements.  Many thanks to their families for the years of effort and support, which culminated in this most beautiful morning – one which will certainly live long in all of our memories.

We have a number of items of note upcoming.  Tonight is a gathering of those leaders in our troop who actively participate in the outings and advancement of our youth.  This group works in partnership with the troop committee, whose focus is on the administration of troop affairs, providing guidance and targeted support for the boys themselves and their execution of the annual calendar developed each summer during the Patrol Leaders Council retreat.  We will meet at New Covenant church, 15152 N. Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd from 7:00-8:15.  Tomorrow night is the troop meeting, and we will be meeting in classrooms 7&8 next door (the ones where we had the parent meeting last week) due to a church youth activity for Valentine’s Day.  Most of the evening will be spent with Mr. Kuhl in the shed during a quartermaster activity he has developed for his Life project.  Please dress warmly and perhaps bring a headlamp.

Looking ahead, a number of the older boys should be progressing with their activities for their Citizenship in the Nation merit badges.  All the boys should plan to be here on the 21st, as this is our annual Iron Chef competition.  All the cooking techniques the boys develop on the outings are brought to a creative pitch in an excellent cook-off in the Blessed Sacrament parking lot for bragging rights, and some extra Honor Patrol points.  Please also plan to finish up any advancement activities, and get that information to Mr McFetters by next Tuesday, as our Winter Court of Honor will be held at the Embassy Suites by Paradise Valley Mall on 2/28/12.  The address is 4415 E. Paradise Village Parkway.

Loose ends include:  The first payment of $100 is due for summer camp at Geronimo (July 7th-15th).  I hope you can attend – it is the best way to obtain a number of key merit badges in a concentrated time, as well as develop additional skills in the outdoors and camaraderie as patrols and as a troop.  Family camp is coming next month at Catalina State park in Tucson.  This is the one opportunity a year for you to bring your whole family (yes, even moms and sisters!) to camp together in the great outdoors with the troop.  Our first fish fry will be on 2/24 in the church social hall.  This is a great opportunity for us to provide 6 weeks of Friday night service projects for our charter organization and the Knights of Columbus, as well as kick off our fundraising activities in 2012 with our flag pin sales.  Come eat some free fried fish, work the event, and sign up to earn some money for your scout accounts selling individual flag pins in the courtyard.

Thanks for your continued participation and support of the troop.  See you tomorrow night!

Mr. Cole