From shedding to Chevlon

Good morning,

Many thanks to the early risers who drilled and scraped and primed the troop shed on Saturday morning, the older scouts who returned later in the afternoon to spray, and the many adults who had a hand in coordinating or providing some very effective elbow grease.  We re-painted both the T648 shed and a Blessed Sacrament shed, and the results are outstanding!  Spring cleaning the scout way!  Next up – a future working of the shed from the inside out….Mrs Andrews would like to re-claim some of their garage space currently overrun with wonderful troop treasures, and the tacky syrup encrusted chuckboxes also are in need of an extreme makeover.

Tonight is the May adult leader meeting – please check your email for the new meeting location at Scottsdale Worship Center.  Tomorrow night is troop meeting, as we begin to investigate career opportunities chosen by some of the adults in our troop.  This weekend is the Chevlon canyon backpack – all scouts and leaders wishing to attend should check to see that they are on the list (Mr. DeAngelis and Mr. Dahlmann are manning the list) to ensure that we have seatbelts to cover the attendees.  Chevlon is going to be an outstanding trip in an out-of-the-way area east of Payson.  Much of it will be unmaintained trail, so this should be as rural as it gets, for those of us who want to get away from it all!  We will be backpacking for approximately 5 miles roundtrip, with another 5-7 miles of day hike after dropping our packs at a base camp during the day on Saturday.  It’s going to be triple digits in the valley – join us up north along  Chevlon creek for a brief respite from the heat!

We are working to schedule a committee meeting and a court of honor at the church during the month of June to get us all organized and prepared for Geronimo.  All payments and merit badge selections should be submitted at this time, and we currently have an outstanding group of 26 boys signed up to experience the 2012 Big G Gold challenge at Geronimo July 7th through the 14th.  For those of you adults wanting to spend some or all of the week with the troop, please get your names and dates to Mr. Benyi.  FYI – all adults attending summer camp for the entire week will also need to have a BSA health form signed by their physician – just like the scouts!  Fire up!  Camp is a mere two months away from today!

See you tomorrow night….

Mr. Cole