Summer Camp & Committee Mtg


We will hold a Committee/Parent Meeting on Tuesday, June 5 in the small classroom adjacent to the usual troop meeting room. We will begin about 7:10pm; I expect that the committee meeting will be relatively brief. All committee members and interested parents are welcome to attend.

Summer Camp:

1) Payments: If you are not yet paid in full, ($365) please try to do so ASAP. If you would like to utilize funds in your personal scout account, please let me know.

2) Health Forms: We have collected about 25% of the health forms so far. All scouts attending camp should turn in a completed Annual Health & Medical (A+B+C) as soon as possible. Also, adults staying longer than a couple days need to complete a medical form as well; particularly those planning to stay for the full week.

3) Adults: If you are an adult planning to attend part or all of summer camp, please send me an email to confirm which days you plan to attend (if not for the full week) along with how many seatbelts you have for driving either up to camp, or back from camp.

4) Merit Badges: Hopefully everyone received the merit badge summaries that I sent out a few weeks back. With school wrapping up, please take advantage of the opportunity to get prepared for your merit badges. (The troop will be scheduling a CPR class prior to camp; there are many scouts that need to complete that for various merit badges.)

5) Information Bulletin: I will distribute the official summer camp information bulletin next weekend which will include general logistics, things to bring, how to prepare, etc. Please watch for that.


Mr. Benyi