Camp Geronimo News

Good evening,

I am back from the wilds of Geronimo, and I have discovered something I had not remembered.  It is HOT here in the Valley!  Was it really last week that it was double digits for fireworks?  The good news is, your 25 T648 boys are basking in the warm sun and cool breezes in the tall pines of summer camp this week.  We had some challenges in getting there, as the vehicle pulling the trailer had it’s fuel line shaken loose over the washboards on the dirt road into camp.  Not to be denied, Mr Durrant came back to rescue the trailer with our gear, Mr  Butler got under the stricken car, and swears he did not use chewing gum and bailing wire, but in some way got Mr. Gingrich back to connected again, so he could retreat to Payson and obtain some more traditional repairs, while the rest of the troop checked in only marginally late.  Mother Hen Benyi again had obtained the best site in camp for T648 right next to the mess hall, and the boys had an outstanding weekend doing swim checks in the cool water of the Geronimo pool, raiding the bank to spend copious amounts at the trading post, eating ravenously, singing boisterously, playing cards, hiking the Rainbow Trail, performing flawless camp flag ceremonies twice, shooting bearings in the dark on a night orienteering course called the Cat’s Eye, and working amazingly well together as a team.  Great advancement had already taken place from multiple boys during some of the first two days’ free time, and today began the merit badges, with great amounts of activities from archery to wilderness survival.  You will have some exhausted but accomplished young men return to you in 5 more short days.  Thank you for allowing them this opportunity – they will have a great week!

For those of you remaining in town, please remember that we do not have scout meeting tomorrow night at the church.  We will resume our normal schedule on the 17th.  I’ll check back in with you next Sunday, after what is sure to be an amazing remaining week of camp.

Mr. Cole