Medical Update

Good evening,

In the continuing spirit of receiving the bandaid award from the Geronimo health lodge at summer camp last week, I wanted to give you an update on our hospitalized troop members tonight.  Assistant Scoutmaster Dave Grisa is going in for surgery at 8AM tomorrow for the broken 2nd and 3rd cervical vertebrae in his neck.  It will involve taking some bone from his leg, along with the insertion of some pins.  Please keep Dave, Deb and the Grisa family in your thoughts and prayers.

Eagle Scout Patrick Huston, on the other hand, has returned home from the hospital this very evening.  The leg hurts after his surgery last week, but with some good pain medication, crutches in the house, and wheelchair out and about, he is already doing much better.

Have a great week!  Jacob will be acting Scoutmaster tomorrow night, I will return from the bayou country next Tuesday the 24th.

Mr. Cole