Troopin’ along

Good evening,

I’m thinking I’m partially to blame for bringing the New Orleans weather here to the valley this week.  However, while we’ve had very similar rain and humidity, I can’t be blamed for yesterday’s haboob!  My thanks to Mr. Benyi’s very complete listing of upcoming events last weekend – I will add just a couple of items to his checklist for your consideration.

Tomorrow night is the troop meeting – Many thanks to Mr. Stults for working with us on the fishing merit badge last week – come prepared to continue on a fishing theme, and I believe shelter building is also on the agenda.

This weekend there is a high adventure outing to the Flagstaff area for those over age 14 and first class, including a summit ascent of Mount Humphreys.  The gathering location is the church on Friday night – return will be Saturday night.  Contact young Mr. Finnegan for further details.

The weekend of August 10th is our canoe and fishing outing to the Military Sink Hole and Willow Springs Lake.  This will be a very busy event, as additionally Mr. Parizek will be teaching the outdoor portion of adult leader training, as well as cooking the award dinner for those scouts who qualified for the pancake breakfast sales award.

We will have an Assistant Scoutmaster and Eagle meeting at Scottsdale Worship Center on August 13th at 7PM, and we are also looking forward to the Patrol Leadership Council retreat as the boys plan the calendar for the upcoming year during the August 24-26th weekend.  That weekend also marks the formation of the new boy leadership structure and patrols for the upcoming year – which also means that honor patrol competition for the year is winding down.  Have you done all you can do to give your patrol a chance for Honor Patrol glory?

We have both a date and a location now for the youngest Mr. Huston’s Eagle Court of Honor.  It will be on September 8th at the Elk’s Lodge – now stay tuned for the time!  If you are in town, please come and see what a big event an Eagle COH is (and should be!)

Keep working on the great advancement headway you all made in Geronimo.  Finish up partial merit badges by checking in with Mr. Benyi.  Those of you who had only a few requirements left before a rank advancement, let’s get you positioned to complete them by our outing on the 10th.  It is an outstanding time to finish things up before school comes back and takes over most of your daylight hours again.

See you tomorrow night at the troop meeting!

Mr. Cole