Flash and Substance

In honor of our honor patrol trip to Disneyland forthcoming, this past week had a T648 version of all the hoopla which normally surrounds something like the Disney Choice Awards.  The troop went through pomp & circumstance, flashing flashbulbs, gleaming award hardware and red ribbons, film clips of notable moments,  delectable cuisine, and ultimately later in the week, enough drama for a troop to wish for a return to Mayberry-like normalcy.

Many thanks to all who contributed to our excellent Court of Honor – Mr. Harness for leading the evening, Mr. Benyi for framing the script, Mr. McFetters for the massive undertaking of tracking and coordinating the awards, Mrs. McFetters for organizing the dinner, Mr. Weinhold for the slide presentation, Mrs. Cole and her committee for the ribbons, Mr. Gingrich for his incredible number of years of supporting scouting, all of you who brought the wonderful food and provided an awesome cheering section, but most especially the scores of scout award winners.  Congratulations to each of our scouts on the excellent progress made this summer on their pathways towards leadership and the goals they have set for themselves in scouting.  The pot-luck dinner court after summer camp is always a highlight of the year, and I’m glad so many of you were able to share in it.

Subsequent crime and medical dramas that then played throughout the rest of the week had very happy endings.  We are thankful that the Traynor family are safe and healing after a very scary home invasion episode.  Being trained adult and scout leaders apparently does help one to always be prepared – sometimes for things a bit more daunting than a sudden change in the weather.  And the Coles have finally had their fill of getting personal first aid training from the medical staff on the 4th floor at Scottsdale-Shea hospital for both of their boy scouts.  Many thanks for your thoughts and prayers for both families during these trying times – it has meant a lot.

Tonight is the adult leader meeting at Scottsdale Worship Center, and tomorrow is the Patrol Leaders’ Council at 6PM and the troop meeting at 7PM.  Please finalize your payment plan (check or scout account) for 2013 dues – $100 per scout, $17 per adult leader within the next week.  And begin planning for our upcoming backpack outing and the honor patrol trip to Disney – both on the 26th.

We’ll see you at the scout meeting!

Mr. Cole