Cold nose, Cold All Over?

In the words of our fearless leader, young Mr. Dahlmann, he says: “please remind the boys that they should wear gloves, and bring a warm smile for our Webelos guests”.  It’s going to be bright and sunny and cool all day Saturday, and maybe hit the mid – 20’s overnights, so please bring a stocking cap to sleep in, wool socks and/or long johns if you have them, and an extra blanket to wrap around your sleeping bag.  A Thermarest or pad between you and the ground is also advisable.   You’ll be nice and toasty.  Also think layering for the afternoon, and around the campfire.  Remember your materials for the skills events, and your scripts for the skits.  We’ll see you tomorrow night at 5PM at the church.  We have 8 guest boys and counting coming to partake in the weekend.  Let’s give them the warm T648 welcome!

Mr. Cole