Thanks for your Service!

Good morning,
Last fall, young Mr. Williams coordinated a T648 Eagle Scout project for an organization which helps homeless families get back on their feet and working again.  The apartment we tackled for the foundation one weekend had a family moving in the next Monday, but had grungy walls, dirty carpets, things growing in the refrigerator, and a weed festival going on in the back yard.  Here is some feedback received by young Mr. Williams as he prepares for his Eagle Board of Review, along with some ‘after’ pictures.  Many thanks to all who participated, and best of luck, Mr. Williams!
Attached are some final pictures of the completed project for Save the Family Foundation. I wish to express my deepest thanks to all who helped return the beaten home to a clean livable space for the family that moved in right after we finnished. The beneficiary wished to express his amazment of the quality of the work completed at the residence and they couldn’t be more greatful. Thank you again for your support on my project.