Back to School – Are We There Yet?

Good morning T648!

Are you as ready for school to begin as I am?  If my kids go on any more school supply runs or clothing buys in the next 24 hours there will be no more money in the checking account!  We’re more than a few years removed from my having a school locker to decorate, but I’m pretty certain that you are off the mandatory supply lists and on to discretionary spending by the time you get to battery operated faux chandelier lights for inside a locker.  Best wishes as you all wind up the process of getting prepared for another year of middle school or secondary education.

Tomorrow night is PLC at 6PM and the troop meeting (rope rescue, life saving, resuscitation skills) at 7PM at Blessed Sacrament.  We will refine the August and September schedule with the existing PLC, but part of the session during the upcoming PLC planning weekend on August 16-18 will be a runthrough of a PLC meeting with everyone in their new roles, so tomorrow’s focus will be primarily on August pending the updates which will come out of the boys’ efforts during their time at Scottsdale Conference Resort.

As far as upcoming outings, we have a couple of very good ones to look forward to.  We will have a backpack led by young Mr. Harper and Mr. Martin in the Sycamore Canyon area up by the town of Williams to cool you off during the muggy days of August the weekend of the 23rd.  And our annual family camp is right around the corner September 27-29.  All family members (Mom, sis, and grandpa, too!) are welcome to join the troop at Fort Tuthill campground south of Flagstaff.  Waking up to a crisp morning in the pines sounds very attractive to me these days.  Any scout who just spent a week at camp in the Rockies can vouch for it!

With back to school happening, we will begin some efforts in recruitment.   We will be looking for an adult or two and some of our scouts to staff a table at Cocopah Middle School for back to school open house the evening of the 15th.  As we reach out to various cub scout packs in our area, we will have other opportunities to interact with their Webelos dens, and provide some mentoring for them on what it is like to be a boy scout.   We hope that you will be able to participate, and convey some of the fun that the younger boys would be able to look forward to as they continue along the scouting trail.

See you tomorrow at the troop meeting!

Mr. Cole