An Eagle Flies

This week Troop648 has had yet another most excellent addition to our Eagle lair.  Young Mr. Dahlmann has been one of our most effective troop guides, and a terrific Senior Patrol Leader.  Recently he began the development of a very ambitious Eagle Project.   This fall, the largest group of scouts, adult leaders and family in recent troop history completed a massive vegetable and fruit garden complete with sprinkling system for St Vincent de Paul under his direction.  It was clear that the beneficiary organization was extremely grateful and pleased with the on-premise addition to their food programs, as well as now having another place for their clients to work, benefiting other homeless and underprivileged families through their labor in weeding and harvesting the garden.  This week, the council reviewers agreed that this is one exceptional scout, and Young Mr. Dahlmann passed his Eagle board of review.  He is now number 42 on the honored list of Troop 648’s Eagle recipients.  Many congratulations!!