Disneyland is truly a magical place!

November 3, 2013


I write this as we are on our way home passing the endless wind turbines in Palm Springs with Mr. Cole at the helm, Mr. John Butler as co-pilot and me navigating these mean streets of Southern California.  The van is very quiet this morning with most of the boys trying to catch up on their abbreviated sleep both Friday and Saturday night.



The Honor Patrol arrived at Corona del Mar around midnight Friday at the home of John and Dean Butler’s sister, who graciously welcomed us in.  Up and out the door early walking into the park at 10 am.  The 6 scouts in attendance quickly put together a game plane and disappeared into the wilds of Disneyland.  Mr. Cole and I spent the day like a couple of teenagers riding our favorite rides including Pirates of the Caribbean, California Screaming, Cars, Jungle Cruise, Haunted Mansion, Splash Mountain, Indiana Jones, Tower of Terror, Buzz Lightyear, Bugs Life and Lincoln.  The boys had a wonderful time and with a lot of strategery taking place using Fastpass and the single rider-line were the saving grace with some riding Space Mountain four times, California Scream seven times, the Matterhorn three times and the Tower of Terror four times.



We met back up with the boys at 6 pm for a gut check with them heading off to dinner in Disneyland and Mr. Cole and I finding a place to eat at ESPNZone.  We completed the long day at 11:15 after the final light show, which was very cool and then home for sleep by 12:30.  The boys were on their best behavior with no problems or issues, which is a testament to these fine young men of Troop 648.  It was a wonderful weekend and thanks to all in and out of the T648 who contributed directly and indirectly!!



As a reminder, the Troop meeting at Blessed Sacrament on Tuesday starts at 7 pm with the PLC meeting before at 6 pm.



Mr. Turner