Let Them Eat Steak!

Good morning,

Another fine T648 fundraiser extraordinaire is in the books.  Again, we came from twelve lengths behind to win – from a potential disaster shaping up as recently as last Tuesday, when only two boys had qualified for the salesmanship prize, and the auction was a scary, scrawny two partial patrol baskets.  You put your traditional final push to the finish line, and a typically marvelous event materialized!  Mr. Parizek is working out the final financials, but overall revenues will be in the close vicinity of recent years.  Congratulations!  High points include over ten boys qualifying for the magnificent steak dinner to be provided by Mr. Parizek to those of you who sold at least 25 tickets, and an auction that will exceed any in recent years – many thanks to Mrs. Conrad for overseeing this record setting component.   The room was always full of people eating, socializing and bidding on the silent auction items, and we ran out of plates for the first time ever – which is a great problem to have!  The only thing slightly down appears to be pre-event ticket sales to those who did not then come to the breakfast.  A big thank you to young Mr. Turner, Mr. Traynor and Mr. Hart for spearheading this exceptional event.  Special thanks to Scottsdale Worship Center for hosting us again.  For those of you who sold tickets, provided an auction item, and worked the event itself, your individual scout accounts will reward you by swelling proportionately.

This week we are back at it.  Remember that tomorrow is PLC – we meet at 6PM, followed by the troop meeting at 7PM.  We will have an opportunity this coming weekend for a troop service project.  Young Mr. Murphy is organizing an opportunity for you to learn how to change a tire.  The tires on our canoe trailer are in pretty bad shape, so stay tuned for more details on this Saturday morning session upgrading the tires and other necessary care and maintenance.  A week from tonight we will have our monthly adult leader meeting in the SWC board room at 7PM.

Two events to plan for this month as your school year build to a climax, and then you are freed for the summer.  On May 24th we will have our annual opportunity to perform the solemn flag planting ceremony at the National Veterans Memorial Cemetary off of Cave Creek and the 101.  And on May 30th is an exceptionally fun backing trip to Fossil Springs, some of the most wonderful swimming holes in this great state of Arizona.

All summer camp payments should now be finalized with Mr. Benyi.  If you are planning to use scout account funds for all or part of the $370 amount, please let us know.  We are slightly more than a month away from camp – where did the year go?!  We will also be having an Order of the Arrow election later this month – stay tuned for this opportunity to vote for our candidates for scouting’s honor society during an upcoming troop meeting.

See you tomorrow at the scout troop meeting.

Mr. Cole