Where the Buffalo Roam…and the Snow Fell

Hello Troop 648

Back from our monthly outing, this time to Mormon Lake, about 30 miles from Flagstaff.  Our intention was a fun winter outing combined with some cross country skiing.  Mission accomplished and then some!

10 Scouts and 3 adults braved temps in the low 20s at night, howling coyotes and a car traveling on fumes to notch another successful Troop 648 outing.

We arrived a little later than usual after scouting around the area for a campsite. We ended up about 2 miles north west of Mormon Lake Village and made camp among the pine needles and snow. This impromptu campsite also saved us $8 per scout (see Mr. Murphy this Tuesday for reimbursement).

Saturday we explored the shorelines of Mormon Lake (dry since the 80s, who knew!), played around on the ice, snow ‘boarded’ a snow covered mound, visited the local buffalo population and tried our hand at cross country skiing. All in all, a truly memorable outing. A very special shout out and thanks to our awesome outing organizers, Cullen Traynor and Patrick Murphy.  A job well done gentlemen!

Our next outing finds us traveling to Pinetop for another fun weekend in the snow, this time downhill skiing and snowboarding. More information to follow, but we will venture out Friday, February 6th, returning Sunday, February 8th.

See you on Tuesday!

Scoutmaster T648

Mormon Lake 1

Mormon Lake 2

Mormon Lake 3

Mormon Lake 4

Mormon Lake 13


Mormon Lake 5

Mormon Lake 6

Mormon Lake 7

Mormon Lake 8

Mormon Lake 9

Mormon Lake 14

Mormon Lake 10

Mormon Lake 11

Mormon Lake 12