A Weekend of Backpacking to Remember!

Hello Troop 648!

Back from an amazing weekend of backpacking in our awesome state!

We started with an overnight at the trailhead at about 6,000 feet outside of Workman’s Creek (in the mountains north of Roosevelt Lake) and awoke, not by the ‘cock-a-doodle-do’ of a rooster, but by the ‘gobble, gobble, gobble,’ of some wild turkey (not the sipping kind…)!

From there, it was an up and down challenging hike through the ponderosa, piñon and alligator pine trees, dropping down through to the junipers and the high desert.

By late morning, the group split into two. One group left to secure our creekside campsite, while the other continued on the trail down into Hell’s Hole in search of the elusive ‘waterfall.’

After an hour of searching, group one found the perfect campsite. An afternoon of soaking, splashing and exploring the creek, concluded with the return of group two just in time for dinner. While the waterfall remains elusive, group two experienced a spectacular hike down into the canyon and their own creek to enjoy. A surprise visit by Mr. Benyi at dinner time topped off a spectacular day!

Evening temps dropped into the mid-30s, but all Scouts not only survived, but thrived. For many, the most physically demanding thing they have done in their life so far. And what an accomplishment it was. We have been to the Devil’s lair and have returned victorious!

See you on Tuesday.

Scoutmaster 648