Emergency Preparedness Merit Badge Event, Sunday, April 12th

Hello Troop 648

If your scout is working on or would like to start working on the Eagle required Emergency Preparedness Merit Badge, there is a very short event this Sunday, April 12th at 1:00pm.

Jacob Muzich is organizing the ’emergency mobilization’ requirement as part of the merit badge. The requirement is to take part in an emergency service project, either a real one or a practice drill with a Scouting unit or a community agency.

For those participating (and i’m looking at you Scout who hasn’t earned this Eagle required badge yet…:o) ), please have your Scout call Jacob at (623) 229-0903  or email him at [email protected] and let him know you would like to participate and give him your phone number for a contact tree exercise. Please let him know by Saturday, 5:00pm.

When the contact tree is engaged, your Scout will be asked to meet at Blessed Sacrament church in the back near our shed and to bring a case of water to provide ’emergency personnel’ with refreshments. After the drill, we will donate the water to Streets of Destiny church, who will in turn use the water for their homeless outreach program.

Shouldn’t take more than 30-45 minutes. Jacob’s mobilization plan will include who will do what assignment and he will provide a short briefing such as registration/head count as people arrive, who will provide water, how we will handle transport to the emergency site, etc.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at (602) 793-1058.

Thanks and we will see you on Sunday!

Scoutmaster T648