June, 2015 Activities

Hello Troop 648

Welcome to summer 2015! It will be an exciting one for sure. June activities and monthly meetings are listed below.

June Monthly Meeting Theme: Business. If you own, run or are part of a business you think the scouts would find interesting, please let us know. We would also like to visit a business during one of the Tuesday meetings.

Tuesday, June 2nd: Meeting leader = C. Copley

Tuesday, June 9th: Meeting leader = A. Demski. This meeting is our pre summer Court of Honor. Please remind your scouts to wrap up any advancement they are working on in time for this COH.

Tuesday, June 16th: Meeting leaders = A. Demski with support from A. Brown

Tuesday, June 23rd: Meeting leaders = Z. Harper with support from M. McFetters

Friday, June 26th – Sunday, June 28th: Outing to Kaibab Lake, base camp with canoes. Scouts in charge of this outing are D. Yu and A. Demski

Tuesday, June 30th: Meeting leaders = N. Murphy with support from J. DeAngelis

If your scout is leading in a meeting, he has a packet with an outline for the meeting. Please discuss what they have planned and if they would like to enhance the meeting in any way.

Thanks and have a great weekend!

Scoutmaster T648