The Pure Splendor of Sedona

Hello Troop 648

If you haven’t been up to Sedona in a while (like me), I recommend you plan a trip soon. If you have been recently, then I’m guessing you are working on your plans to visit again soon (like me)!

Seven adventurous Scouts and Scouters participated in a backpacking trip through Loy Canyon in northwest Sedona. Our trip took us into the canyon, up the canyon walls and to our final destination on top of the rim and the tall pines. At a little over 5 miles in (10+ total) and nearly 2,000 feet of elevation change, it was a magnificent journey and one we won’t soon forget. I’m already planning to use my extra ‘Scoutmaster vote’ for next PLC Retreat and a return visit here!

The weather was perfect and everyone was more than capable of tackling the challenging trek. Thanks go to Alex D. for organizing and pushing the PLC to add a ‘Sedona backpacking’ trip to the calendar, to Bruce W. for providing adult support and to all the other attendees. A special shout out to Cameron C. for his humor and smile and Eric A. (first time camping with T648 and his first backpacking trip!) for his overall enthusiasm and positive attitude.

See you soon!

Scoutmaster T648


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