Snowy Lava Tubes!

Hello Troop 648

An update from Mr. Cole regarding last weekend’s outing to the Lava Tubes.

‘Another rip-roaring T648 outing weekend. It wasn’t a planned snow outing, like January’s, but it became one! Swirling flakes as the group drove in on Forest Road 245, couldn’t even find FR 812 where we had planned to camp, and just as well, as we had more than 2 inches already on the ground when we got to the Lava Tubes entrance road at almost 10PM.

We set up in a small meadow just south of the entrance, right off of FR 171, and set up with the snow still coming down heavily. It turned out fantastic, as usual. The snow stopped sometime after midnight, and only dusted us again Saturday afternoon. We had a low of 25 degrees, but a fire all day long, and an excellent morning in the tubes, and an afternoon huddling around the youth fire, or the advancement fire, followed by a rousing evening of s’mores and an 8PM bedtime.

We had excellent progress on multiple fronts – Zane achieved First Class rank, Cameron sat for a Scoutmaster conference and then achieved Life rank, Ian completed his final 2nd class requirement, and is now ready for two Scoutmaster conferences and two Boards of Review. Kevin drove up Saturday morning, and completed Citizenship in the Nation merit badge with Mr. Conrad. I understand that Ryan Conrad rode down the hill with Mr. Benyi, and completed copious amounts of the Cooking merit badge as well. As noted by Reese, a weekend of roses filled with older Scout camaraderie.’

Mr. Cole

IMG_1169 zanecaving

Thank you Mr. Cole! Sorry to have missed this one!

See you all soon,

Scoutmaster T648