Personal Management Merit Badge (and an awesome outing)

Good evening,

One of the longer merit badges to achieve, but also one of the more useful in managing one’s financial worth in life, is the Personal Management Merit Badge. It is Eagle required, and takes a minimum of 3+ months to complete. Mr. Cole began this merit badge with an introductory class before last week’s summer Court of Honor, but it is still not too late to begin.  I will be available during the next couple of troop meetings to kick start other individuals, as the scouts from last week’s class have commenced with independent study through a number of longer running activities such as a 13 week budget and the planning and shopping for a major family purchase. Due to the mature content and significant amount of work required to complete this badge, it is recommended that a scout be 13 or complete with second class before taking this course.  All interested should also look up and print the following PDF, which will serve as the worksheet for your work, and our subsequent review sessions.

Although the worksheet will serve as your guide, each scout should also obtain a copy of the merit badge booklet from the troop library or the scout shop, as perusing the book will result in significantly better understanding of the many activities which must be completed during this class. I look forward to working with each of you who are ready, willing, and able to fine tune your own personal financial acumen.

See you at upcoming troop meetings!

Mr. Cole

P.S. – here’s a retrospective from this past weekend’s trip to fish Blue Ridge Reservoir.  A number of trout and blue gills were hooked, and one very fresh trout returned with us to camp, and made an outstanding appetizer!