A Note From Elvin and Kay Clapp

Hello Troop 648

I would like to thank all of the past and present scouts who have provided me with real life opportunities as you pursued your scouting career. You are the leaders of our future, which is no simple task given the complexities of our communities and nation. You have taught me to be “more” patient and understanding of your needs. You have given me the inspiration to stay in scouting. You mean more to me that I could possibly write in this note. I wish you the best in the future, and hope you can continue to be actively involved in the scouting movement.

Thanks to all of the adult leaders for the quality leadership and hard work that you have dedicated to our youth. You have stepped up and volunteered your valuable time and efforts to provide a quality environment for our scouts to succeed. Imagine all those Friday afternoons getting ready to hike and camp, all the advancement responsibilities, the fund raising events, newsletter preparation, training coordination, other committee work, and the Arizona Scouting Museum. Also, many of you have volunteered a great amount of your time to lead the Four Peaks District and the Grand Canyon Council at various levels. And remember, it only takes “an hour a week.”

Thanks to all of the parents who have supported Troop 648. Many of you have worked tirelessly, behind the scenes, for your sons to succeed in scouting. Regardless of what rank they achieve, these boys will always gain valuable skills and knowledge from the outings, service projects, special events, and summer camps. You are the unsung heroes of scouting.

You are a fine organization. Your legacy of molding young boys into fine men is to be commended. We will always be indebted to you from the bottom of our hearts. We will truly miss you, but we look forward to working with a new troop to share our Troop 648 knowledge and experiences.

Finally, Kay and I would like to thank Troop 648 for the great send off at the last court of honor and the gift of a limited edition Scout Handbook. Take care and stay in touch.

Elvin and Kay Clapp