New Parent Meeting & Architecture MB


We have a busy few weeks ahead for Troop 648! Two items that I want to specifically mention here:

  1. We will have a New Parent Information Meeting on Tuesday, May 2. We are very excited to have so many new families in  the Troop and want to orient you on the key things to know about Troop 648 and scouting in general. There is no better program for positive youth development than scouting! This meeting will share with you how your son and family can get the most possible out of the scouting program in general, and from being a member of Troop 648. We will start the meeting at 7:15pm and will run through the end of the regular troop meeting. We will plan to meet in the south room of the Forum. (This is the room with the couches that is immediately adjacent to the regular Troop Meeting room.) All parents are welcome, but if you have joined the troop in the past 6 months, I particularly encourage you to attend. Bring good questions!
  2. I am going to hold an Architecture Merit Badge class on Sunday, May 7. I invite you to come and learn a little about the profession of architecture, and you can earn a relatively easy MB in the process. We will meet at my office, Jones Studio, at 2pm. We are located at 205 S Wilson St, Tempe, AZ 85281. You will probably never see an office that looks quite like this one! We will have one class session which will take about an hour. Then you will have an opportunity to do a couple of drawings and finish the MB at your own pace. All are welcome! If you are interested, please let me know so that I can prepare sufficient materials.


Mr. Benyi