Summer Camp in Full Swing!

Hello Troop 648

Sorry for the delay in getting this out.

Summer camp at Camp Geronimo is nearing the end. The Scouts and Scouters have been having a great time with lots of stories to tell and memories to fondly look back on.

Camp has seen its fair share of rain which helps keep the dust down, but increases the likelihood that your Scout’s duffle bag/backpack will be about 10 pounds heavier with mud!

I hope you have enjoyed a relatively quiet week and see you all on Saturday in the church parking lot!


Scoutmaster T648

Some pictures from earlier in the week…

Fearless Leaders!

This is the main shade structure in our camp, which included a couple picnic benches.

Morning flag ceremony in the center of camp

Our commuter highway

Did not take long for the card games to start

Nor did it take long for rank requirement discussions

Home for our ‘full time’ adult leaders for the week. Nice place, low maintenance.

A few of the Scout tents

Attentive Scouts awaiting instructions from our SPL